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schedule Dec 1, 2021
Last updated
Welcome to SkyTowner 👋🏻

By Isshin Inada

Hi there! We're a small team of three from 🇯🇵, 🇳🇿 and 🇭🇰, and our mission here is simple:

To create a centralized hub equipped with powerful search for free top-tier technical resources about data science

Let's face it - programming involves more reading than coding. When we say we're working on a programming project, we're not constantly hammering out code; instead, we're mostly wandering on Google or StackOverflow in search for answers. Sounds awfully familiar right?

When building out this platform, we probably spent 80% of our time reading documentations and tutorials, and only 20% actually coding. Of course, searching and reading documentation is inherently an integral part of programming, but should it really take up 80% of our time? Why do we spend the majority of our time and energy on searching and reading resources?

Here's four main reasons we came up with:

  • Most technical resources are bloated. I find that many tutorials tend to begin with a lengthy backstory of the author or a generic introduction that doesn't add value to the content. The answer you're after is usually buried down the page somewhere, and you have to dig it out.
  • Most technical resources lack concrete and simple examples. For instance, I've encountered tutorials where the author imports a huge dataset to explain what a simple method does. Complex examples only add to the confusion.
  • Most technical resources are rarely updated. They're published with passion (or by obligation), and soon thereafter forgotten. User feedbacks aren't incorporated to add polish to the resources.
  • Most technical resources suffer from UI and UX problems. They're published without much regard for their look and feel, and this ends up adding stress to the readers. Also, I'd say it's almost illegal to have code snippets in mono-color written with Times New Roman.

To solve all these issues, we built SkyTowner from the ground up with the following features:

  • Bite-sized articles. We cut to the chase and directly respond to the question in the first line. No more needless bloat.
  • Minimal and simple examples. Expect to find minimal examples followed up with a clear explanation.
  • Active maintenance. We routinely revisit our published articles and refine them with your feedbacks.
  • Great UI and UX. We took the time to really polish up the look and feel of the platform to ensure you have a pleasant experience here.

At the end of the day, these features are there to make the searching and reading part of programming as short and as pleasant as possible.

Currently, we only cover a small range of topics in the following fields:

  • Python Standard Library
  • MySQL API documentation
  • Pandas API documentation and recipes
  • NumPy API documentation and recipes
  • Beautiful Soup API documentation and recipes
  • PySpark API documentation and recipes

Ideally you'd first try a quick search with us instead of on Google or StackOverflow, but we understand that our coverage as of now is hardly enough. To this end, we are working towards expanding our coverage, so stay tuned for more resources in the coming weeks!

If you've got any questions, feel free to reach out to us at!