Map of Data Science
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Map of data science
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Learning Map of Data Science
Visualize the connections between Math and ML topics
Show me the interactive map
Your personalized learning path
Save your time by learning only the relevant topics based on your goals
Features of the map
priorityTrack your progress
Mark nodes as "learned" and complete the map over time.
articleComprehensive guides
Every node in the graph corresponds to one of our top-tier guides.
boltBlazing-fast search
Search for a topic with ease in realtime!
mediationShow prerequisites
See all the prerequisites of a topic and learn them in order!
exploreShow explorable topics
Given what you already know, see which topics you can learn next!
trending_upExpanding map
Expect the map to expand as we write more guides!
Programming for Data Science
1900+ searchable docs and recipes
Meet the team

Obtained a bachelors at UTokyo and a masters of DS at HKU. I'm mainly in charge of the tech-side of SkyTowner, and I love writing articles about data science!

Graduated from UTokyo, and now working in the finance industry. I consider myself a citizen developer and write about topics as they come!

Graduated from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and now brushing up my programming skills. I enjoy documenting my learning process on SkyTowner!
Will your articles be free forever?
Yes! All articles on SkyTowner are and will always be free. We will never prioritize monetization over your learning experience 🌟
Why did you start SkyTowner?
We started SkyTowner because we were frustrated with the sheer amount of bloated low quality articles out there 🤯 Our goal is to be the central source for DS/ML resources so that you can learn faster and better!
How can I support SkyTowner?
We'd be happy if you could:
  • promote us by posting about us online or sharing the site with your friends 📣
  • provide feedback on our articles
  • subscribe to our premium plan ($4.9/month)
Ready to deep dive into data science?
Use our map to navigate through the vast landscape of data science