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SkyTowner Editor

We provide a simple markdown editor that you can use to publish your article on SkyTowner.


  • The content of your articles will only be stored locally on your browser on save. Therefore, we highly suggest that you use an external markdown editor (e.g Obsidian) to write your articles, and then paste the content on our editor once you're done.
  • We currently do not provide support for images. If your article requires images, then please send us the images separately to

Shortcut keys

  • command + b: bold
  • command + i: italicize
  • command + s: saves content locally in the browser.
  • command + shift + c: when caret is in a blank line, then a block code will be created (```).
  • command + shift + c: otherwise, inline code will be created (`).
  • command + shift + P: toggle preview

Basic styling

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3
#### Header 4
* Unordered list
1. Ordered list
I am a [link](

Any link pointing to* will be treated as an internal link, which means that a preview will popup on mouse hover.


This is an inline `code`
print("This is some block code in Python")


Inline math

Markdown: this is an inline math $x^2$.

Block math


SkyTowner Components

This is a note card.

This is a note card.

This is a warning card.

This is a warning card.